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The intention at AfterFive Studios is to create personal objects that remind and inspire to let more of your true self shine; your strengths, shortcomings, quirks and all. Too often, we wait for the clock to hit 5pm to live the meaningful life we’ve been waiting for with our loved ones. Why wait? Make every moment special – set intentions to create more happy memories.

Each signature piece begins with a story in a corner of this beautifully diverse universe and takes form on my metalsmithing bench in San Francisco. With the support of fellow artisans in the area, it becomes available to you at our select storefronts and website, ready for you to breathe into it a new life and story. Check out making-of videos of some of your AF designs on the media page! And, if you should so feel inclined, do share your AF story! You can read others’ here.

With love & intention,

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